A New Online Luxury Consignment Store


The Consigned Couture is a new online luxury consignment store. Their shopping destination offers much more than beautiful designer handbags, clothing and jewellery. They have a cause that is different from most ecommerce stores online which makes them very unique. The mission of The Consigned Couture is to help keep individuals safe both online and offline. And, help put an stop to violence in society and domestic violence. The Consigned Couture offers a safe environment to sell your designer items without having to sell your items on classified sites. They help women and children by donating $2 -$5 for every item sold on their website to women shelters across Canada and the United States. They help support women financially to start over again. Donations of back to work clothing also stylist consultations to rebuild confidence and self esteem.

The new website combines a comprehensive listing of luxury designer fashions and a directory of Fashion Stylists worldwide. The site will be of tremendous value to entrepreneurs, business professionals, celebrities and executives who want and need to consign their luxury clothing and accessories but didn’t have the time to bring their items to a consignment location. “This is a cutting edge Internet site far superior to anything in the marketplace that provides all the conveniences consignors are looking for,” said Tristan Bliss, the CEO of The Consigned Couture.

“We expect tremendous results through our convenient, user-friendly web site.”

Now Available at The Consigned Couture

Now Available at The Consigned Couture

More than half of the global population who buys designer items are already looking for this kind of solutions in Canada, US,  and many other parts of the world. “With our flexibility people can consign their luxury items from anywhere in the world and there is no limitations to the amount of items they can consign. They get high payouts for the items they place on the site and now they have a global audience to sell to rather than limited geographical areas. Many celebrities, high profile business owners and executives can confidently consign with complete anonymity and individuals will now be able to buy and sell luxury designer items safely, securely and fast,” said Tristan Bliss.

Tristan Bliss is the owner of the The Consigned Couture. Its luxury designer consignment store is known for its authenticity and unique selection of designer clothing and accessories. The company’s web site at www.myconsignedcouture.com contains additional information.

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