Summer Fun Skirt

I had a white and black striped sun dress from Forever 21 and it was a little bit too short. I decided to make the dress into a maxi skirt so instead of it being lifted high from my neck on down it would only be on my waist-down. I cut the top half of […]

A New Online Luxury Consignment Store

The Consigned Couture is a new online luxury consignment store. Their shopping destination offers much more than beautiful designer handbags, clothing and jewellery. They have a cause that is different from most ecommerce stores online which makes them very unique. The mission of The Consigned Couture is to help keep individuals safe both online and […]

Should You Dress For Yourself Only?

Like all women, I’ve spent a lot of my life worrying about the way that I dress. I can still remember the sense of anxiety I felt about finding the perfect prom dress and the feeling of total humiliation I felt when my seventh-grade best friend told me that I was wearing “old lady pants” […]

My Fashion for Less Tips

When buying brand new clothing at a department store becomes too expensive then it’s time to find alternative sources where you can find fashion for less. I have found four different places where I can find shoes, purses, articles of clothing and jewelry for less money than department stores. A few of these sources may […]

What to Wear for Different Body Shapes

When you are deciding what to wear, there are some rules to follow if you want to look your best. You always want to consider your body shape when you pick out your clothes. There are five main body shapes to think about. They may go by different names depending on the article you are […]