What to Expect in Summer Fashion This Year

Get ready for the fantastic summer trends heading our way this year. We are lucky to have some great styles to wear to keep the heat at bay. Fashion for Summer 2014 will be comfy and retro. The key to these modern trends is wearing something confidently and comfortably. You do not need the approval […]

Contemporary Fashion Trends

Do you know what the best part of contemporary fashion trends are? To start, you can be anyone and find a fashion piece that was practically made for you, no matter who you are. In the past, you had to be part of the social elite to be in fashion. Over time, evolution changes everything, […]

Why Do Fashion Trends Always Return?

Flares, corduroys, bomber jackets, platform shoes, the list can go on and on. People look back on any decade and say “God, the fashion was awful! What were they thinking?!”. Yet somehow we recycle these trends, make a few tweaks, and they keep coming back. What gives some trends the staying power of always returning? […]

Size Zero: The Price is Not Right

Standing in the fitting room, I pulled a size 6 suit over my body.  I turned to look in the mirror.  I smiled when I saw a beautiful woman staring back at me.  I celebrated every sexy curve.  Sadly, many women only dream of that feeling. We live in a world where we determine our […]

The Place of The Polka Dot Dress in Fashion

The Polka Dot Dress Circles Back Around From the runways to the red carpet, the polka dot dress is back in a big way for 2014. Designers like Michael Kors, Juan Carlos Obando, and Oscar de la Renta are featuring them prominently in their spring collections. A-list actresses such as Amy Adams, Emma Stone, and […]