Contemporary Fashion Trends

Do you know what the best part of contemporary fashion trends are? To start, you can be anyone and find a fashion piece that was practically made for you, no matter who you are.

In the past, you had to be part of the social elite to be in fashion. Over time, evolution changes everything, including fashion. Contemporary Fashion is now for all of us. Some would say Contemporary Fashion trends are what you would usually identify as Modern Trends. I’ll skip ahead and won’t try and bore you further with 1950s Jackie O’s outfit details, promise!

So let’s talk about something closer, 20 years ago? Yikes, my middle school days (remember those days?) pre-teen, I’ll just die if I can’t have jewelry like Madonna or a jean jacket like Paula Abdul! Evolution hits again and fashion becomes more symbolic of being famous. Forget being just elite, it was that you had to be famous too and what you wore was a part of this.

Fast-forward to current day, now 2014, anyone can be Trendy! Don’t you just love evolution?

Contemporary fashion allows for everyone. It is about what is popular at this moment in time. So finally, you can be your own fashionista or start a whole new trend yourself!

Imagine? You could basically throw what you love the most together and become your own designer.

Second thing (promise no more history lessons) I was thinking let’s dip into the savvy shopper aspect of today’s trends. You’re able to find fashion items in affordable places! Hello! That is huge and while there are tons of women out there that have extra Benjamins to spend, there are plenty of us that don’t. Why not be a savvy shopper that looks fabulous and modern to boot? Hello 2nd hand thrift shops, department stores and high end boutiques. You can pretty much find what’s “in” right now in all of these places. You can buy cool items almost anywhere nowadays. I love it!

Let’s not leave out the fact that today’s styles also leave room for the not so shapely girl, to the shapely one and every girl in between (we can all feel fabulous!

I’d like to know who decided that flowing, soft shirts that don’t bind made of non-wrinkle material would be the present best dressed look. It’s like we’re all walking around in my grandmother’s house clothes. But hey, it’s comfy, looks great and everyone is doing it! If you really think about it, we’re all basically wearing pajamas out of the house now. Don’t you remember the cute little pyjama sets you would get on your birthday or holidays, bottoms and tops? The bottoms were the softest stretch pants and the tops flowing and soft?

Young woman in Romania. Fashion : Shirt - Bers...

Young woman in Romania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who knew that leggings would be so hip! And anyone can wear a pair of leggings, jeggings, tight pants whatever you want to call those stretchy goodness pant items (that you may have to jump off a building to get into!) and still look good.

Think that idea is bizarre? How about the fact that flats or ballerina shoes or whatever your heart desires to call them are totally in right now as well? Do they not remind you of those cute little slippers you would have got with those pyjamas? I’m truly a fan of today’s styles. It’s never been easier to go from bed to work or work to bed. Other than the fact that you likely would want to wash and change your clothes for hygienic reasons you could do just about anything in today’s fashionable wears. When I really think about it, even our sneakers/trainers are starting to get flatter and sleeker.

Are you a little on the plump side? Wear a tunic type top to hide the bulge. Go bold with prints or leave it plain with muted colors, it’s all acceptable. You’ll look dazzling and don’t forget Accessories, Accessories, and more Accessories. Another fabulous idea currently filling our magazines, TV programs and idols wardrobes! Go Bedazzled or go home is what I say! And don’t worry if the extra weight keeps you from wearing 4 inch heels, because flats are in!

Or maybe, you are on the thinner side? You can wear a cute top with a midriff cut and show off your slim bod. Add accessories or don’t. You’ll look stunning either way.

Picking only one aspect of fashion would be too limiting. There is so much to love. I enjoy the freedom and uniqueness I’m allowed today, whilst everyone else can go their own way too. You no longer have to live on an elite island to set the pace and join in the fun. We can all be included even if it means wearing fancy pyjamas now and then!

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