My Fashion Article Ideas

In a day and age when watching your money is of the utmost importance, I would like to see a fashion article, more of it actually, that really strive to educate readers towards second hand and consignment fashion.

What’s in a fashion article?

Most articles that I have read or see on the cover of popular women’s magazines, consider an inexpensive article of clothing to be less than $100. Complete outfits are thought to be budget if in the realm of $500. Times are tight and it seems that most of us, especially those living outside of urban environments, rarely have a spare twenty in our pocket to grab a new article of clothing with.

Fashion Ideas

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I personally will take a photo from a current catalog or advertisement and use that as a template for a new outfit. I will take it to the thrift store or consignment shop, and try to copy it as closely as possible.  Without having a fashion degree or training, I know that there are other substitutions I could be making if only I had someone or some article to guide me. This is where a comprehensive fashion article on copying high end or designer fashion on a second hand store budget would come in to play.

Beyond just women’s fashion, I think the same needs to apply to men’s fashion as well.  Most guys don’t seem to see the need for anything other than a t-shirt and jeans which pass the sniff test. Making fashion not only affordable but also meaningful to men, would be a boost to all of us who have to look at and work with them.  The average Joe doesn’t seem to see the need for caring much about their appearance, other than being well groomed. That being said, it’s not going to grab advertising dollars to tell people to go shop at their local goodwill or Salvation Army.  So these articles would have to appear in publications not depended on the almighty advertising dollar of most magazines.

The use of a fashion article to me

My second idea for a fashion article, is to help the truly fashion ignorant like myself.  I am a basic t-shirt and jeans type of girl.  I long for the winter months so that I can throw on a hooded sweatshirt, pair of rough, worn in, well loved jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes. This is my look. It’s not out of ignorance, or thinking that this look is fashionable. I just don’t know how to do any better and still be comfortable and practical. Heels are not suited to my lifestyle. I don’t work in an office so slacks and suits are unneeded.  Layers of shirts and fitted jackets just seem binding and uncomfortable. I believe there are a large number of people who truly want to look better, but just don’t have the knowledge of how to look put together and fashionable while still be comfortable enough to do housework, run errands and sit on the couch to catch 20 minutes of television while waiting for the laundry to dry.

Terminology is another issue that could use some explaining. For example, if you go to the store to purchase a pair of jeans, there are probably 15 different ‘styles’ to choose from.  Some of these seem to be cohesive between brands and stores, but others seem to be proprietary and therefore confusing.  I end up getting confused and feeling fat by the end of the day and leave without anything at all, or with something that I don’t really want, but I’m just sick of trying things on and what I have will do well enough.

While I am never one that would be able to take on explaining any of these fashion related issues, I do believe that there are many out there who could.  I know of many people, who are not experts, but who do somehow have a gift or a knack for always looking so well put together.  I am jealous of these people, but that’s for another time.

If there is anyone out there who is able to write a comprehensive fashion tips guide for people on how to look their best without breaking the bank, even if the said ‘bank’ is only $20 or $30 then they have my readership.  Anyone who could take this jeans and a t-shirt or sweats and tennis kind of gal and turn her into something that someone else would wonder to themselves ‘how does she look so good?’ deserves some sort of award.  They would have my devoted readership.  And if it happens to be in one of those previously mentioned advertising glutton magazines, then all the better. I think a fashion article is more effective if people are encouraged to spend what they have, not what they wish they had.


  1. Mannie Greene says

    Hi Bethany,

    I am Mannie! I am not a fashion expert but I have always lived on a budget yet it was important for me to find my own personal style and not force myself to fit mainstream pop culture’s idea of fashion and beauty so I developed TheAbsoluteMost© with the goal of improving the way girls and women discover and learn about the beauty and fashion products that they wear everyday.

    I learned as long as your have the main wardrobe staples in your closet you can go from season to season while changing your wardrobe up with accessorizing.

    Wardrobe Staples
    Black flats/heels (basic)
    nude flats/heels
    casual shoes(TOMS,etc)
    Trouser Pants
    basic cotton shirts(various colors/prints)


    If you’re a Jean & Tshirt kinda girl during the winter months you can pair a comfortable cotton tailored blazer with a nice scarf from a thrift shop or OldNavy. I usually purchase mines from thrift shops for a little less than $4.
    You can change your total look by your personal accessories. For example, during the summer months wear a different color jean with a plain boatneck ,vneck white team and pair it was a simple thin scarf during the summer or a nice thin or think colorful belt. Many women think they must run out and purchase items to form a new outfit yet majority of the women will have what they already need in their closet. The economy has affected everyone so why not save if you can.

    Change your blazer color and print, scarfs color and texture, jeans(dark,faded, ripped,straight let, boot leg) shoe style. Changing up your accessories will definitely add a flair to your overall look (denim/tshirt).

    Check me out at TheAbsolute.Most

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