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Spring has finally arrived, and it’s time to get pedicured, and brush up on the latest trends in sandals, espadrilles, pumps, flats, and even boots.

Many amazing, creative and inspiring shoe trends were seen during Spring 2014 Fashion Week including leopard print peep toes, calf-high or even thigh-high gladiator sandals, espadrilles, and yes even the two-toned, metallic heeled pumps! The most comfortable, versatile option for summer; sandals in many shapes, styles and colors are all the rage! There are also beautiful, two and even tri-toned double faded sandals and pumps. Think balayage and ombre for your soon to be favorite pair of go-to shoes for any spontaneous event and road trip Spring and Summer throw your way. These are just a few of the trends that showed up on runways during Spring Fashion Week 2014.

How do you pull these looks off at a garden party or even at work? Well, one pair of fantasy print heels with a monotone dress suit makes the perfect statement without being gaudy or gauche. A flirty maxi dress paired with gladiator sandals is comfortable yet trendy enough to make the perfect statement. Not quite prepared to be on the bold, fashion forefront? You can still stick with your classic pumps, but with several updates: a thin, sexy ankle strap, a feminine floral print, or cut-out heels or arches. For those warm Summer and Spring days there are also sheer-toed pumps and flats to keep your feet cool and fashionable. Classic booties have also been updated for Spring with peep-toes and open arches and heels. Mules which were popularized in the eighteenth century and revamped in the 60’s and 70’s have also made a glorious comeback. They’re comfortable and classic enough to be paired with cut off shorts, carpenter, flared, boyfriend or skinny jeans.

Two more trendy additions from the 70’s are the wooden slide platform sandal and the Flat-Form sandal. They pair well with almost everything in your Spring and summer wardrobe. If you can’t bear the thought of straying from your classic sneakers take heart because they’re back for Spring in a big way with a few luxurious updates. Some styles are embellished with glitter and glam, beautiful feminine, floral prints, and even geometric and abstract patterns and designs. You can still sparkle, shimmer, glow, and rock Spring trends while reveling in comfort. There are also some calf-length sandal options and flat espadrilles that are trendy yet comfortable enough to wear to the gym or the beach. Many pairs of sneakers on the Spring runways even featured braided accents, studs, mesh, lace, and grommets. Intricate, perforated, and punched out leather is also popular in everything from Oxfords to sneakers.

Black boots with high heels.

Black boots with high heels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you can’t bear heels then there are plenty of canvas flats available in a myriad of colors, prints, and finishes. There were even some Lady Gaga-esque bow heels and sandals in many runway shows. There are metallic, chintz, two-toned, and even paisley options in these feminine, flirty shoes. Have no desire to be understated? Feel free to glam it up with some bejeweled sandals and pumps! These shoes will not leave your beautifully Spring pedicure unnoticed with gems and jewels glued to every heel, strap, and toe.

There are plenty of options for the woman on her feet at work from dawn until dusk as well. Nike Air has produced some fashionable, colorful flats that don’t appear as if they’d be even close to comfortable, but actually are. You could wear them for your eight hour work day, look perfectly stylish, and avoid having sore, swollen feet by the end of your work day. You get comfort and style with these brilliant toned patent leather Cole Haan and Nike flats. Ecco has also produced some beautiful 70’s esque wedges with non-skid bottoms and closed heels. Wedges appear intimidating, but they’re actually quite comfortable and these are also breathable and lined.

CC Corso has designed some beautiful, lush looking suede pumps that are fully lined and will support your arches and hard-working feet comfortably all day at work and into your cocktail party evening! Block heels are also more comfortable and sturdy than some of their thinner counterparts and they’re conservative and classic enough to wear to work, yet they look fabulous and sophisticated. Nude and skin-toned heels and flats are also popular and provide a lengthening effect to your calves and legs.

Boots and booties were also not left out for Spring. They’re not just for winter anymore, but updated with more breathable fabric such as nylon, mesh, laser cut leather, and lace. They also come in some amazingly beautiful art inspired prints classic patent leather, vinyl, metallic finishes, and some even amazingly resembled a chic shout-out to the 80’s Moon Boot. If you think that sounds dreary then think again!

Check out a pair of winged sandals from Prada that were inspired by Hot Wheels, and actually have flames on their back straps. Laser cut cowboy boots reveal just a little ankle and calf while patent biker boots embellished with an outer braided strap let your inner rebel shine with class. Boot tops are contoured at flattering angles, straps are fastened, and then sometimes breathtakingly and beautifully together by grommets.

Expect the unexpected this Spring! Cowboy boots are updated with metallic prints and embossing. They even were seen in racy leopard prints, and bright, pastel hues. Miu Miu has developed a line of Victorian-esque boots with twin zippers, but button side accents. They come in either white leather with black accents, or black leather. There are also Miu Miu curved heel pumps, and pumps with studs and grommets from the heel to the top of the shoe. These are definitely unique show stoppers!

I’ve saved the most astonishing and creative shoe for last: Zaha Hadid for United Nude’s 160mm Chrome and vinyl Nova Shoe wedges. They definitely take some brass and sass to wear though, but they’re works of art for your feet.

Whatever you decide to don on your feet this Spring and Summer there are plenty of options regarding styles, finishes, shapes, and even embellishments. You can also stay trendy while still being comfortable, and that’s an important and often overlooked consideration by shoe designers for hard-working women!

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