The Polka Dot Dress Re-invents itself annually

Polka dots are my constant fashion style every New Year’s Eve. It is always the same pattern every year, large white dots over bright red fabric. The design may change, from a jumpsuit to a tube dress to a full skirt but the staple white dots over red fabric is constant.

polka dot tea party

Polka dot tea party (Photo credit: Shandi-lee)

Woman Dressed in Polka Dots Robe

Woman Dressed in Polka Dots Robe, 1889 Oil on canvas, 187 x 75 cm Hungarian National Gallery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You see, I believe in the old Chinese tradition of wearing a red dress with white dots every year to invite good financial luck through the incoming year. Because of this tradition, I always love polka dots because they remind me of the holiday season.

But these dresses have a long history as this example from 1889 shows:

Am I seeing polka dots already?

I was greatly amused when I saw some designers embrace the polka dot pattern and my heart was filled with the warmth of the coming holiday season as the models started strutting down the runway clad in different hues of dots of different sizes and different styles while other designers even went as far as dressing their models with dots from head to toe.

My favorite look was Stella McCartney’s sheer blouse with white disc like dots placed in strategic places and flapping like crazy, paired with a white knee length skirt also covered with white dots.

Another look I love is the red Azzaro polka dot mini dress. It reminds me so much of my annual New Year’s Eve dress that I am hoping a red and white version exists.

Gucci and polka dots?

Gucci’s black and white, sheer, long dress took my breath away with its light and simpleĀ elegance. Again, Gucci has proven itself a master of grace and elegance and even left me yearning to wear the dress more than two month before my annual tradition.

A favourite dress from 2013

Maria Quiban shows that the polka dot dress is still in contention and not only to present the weather!

And a more recent one from 2014:

So, how about you? Do you think that polka dot fashion should be on the runway?

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