What are the Most Comfortable Fashion Styles?

Comfortable fashion styles? You’re maybe wondering if those kinds exist. Well, they do and cannot be denied. It’s a win-win. Fashionable and yet, comfortable.

When it comes to comfort, there are a variety of choices – and they don’t have to just be sweatpants. If you’d like to be comfortable and remain fashionable, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Loose is in. Tight is out.

First, it’s advisable to always keep it loose. Wearing loose clothing doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy or fashionable. To have comfortable fashion styles, if you’re a lady, a loose peasant style blouse with an open back, or a nice flowing summer dress, are both stylish and supremely comfortable. For you guys out there: Don’t be afraid to rock a t-shirt. The trick to wearing a t-shirt fashionably is to pair it with a nice (cotton!) blazer. Stay away from stiff fabrics like corduroy or polyester. You want to appear casual, but not sloppy.

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A good rule of thumb for any fashion concerned citizen wanting to stay cozy is to keep your clothing fitting well. It’s not fun having your waistband digging into your skin, but it’s also not comfortable to always have to be pulling up loose pants. If need be, don’t be afraid to buy your pants a size up if you’ve gained a little weight. This is only temporary until you get back to the gym and back on the wagon with your eating habits. In the meantime, keep yourself happy and comfortable. Additionally, if you’ve lost weight, or your clothing has just lost its shape in the washer and is fitting too loosely, toss it out. You don’t need to always have a hand hiking up your belt loops. Is this something you want to be thinking about if you need to run across the street, or do some other physical activity that requires a large amount of movement? No one wants to see your skivvies!

Another way to stay comfortable is to always dress for the weather. This is actually exciting as you can still flaunt your styles even if it’s zero degrees outside. If it’s cold outside and your old winter jacket is looking shabby, don’t be afraid to venture out and purchase a nice new one. Not only will it keep you warm and cozy, but it will bring you up to date for the new cooler season. You also want to be sure and stock up on clothing that can be layered together to help you retain your body heat. Try wearing a pair of cotton leggings or long johns under your pants to create an extra layer of protection from the elements. Long johns are a great way to stay comfortable no matter the temperature. They may not look fashionable, but no one will see them, and you will definitely remain comfortable. Likewise if it’s summer, do not try and wear your long sleeve flannel around. Get out and buy yourself some cool linen pants, or another loose breathable fabric that will keep you feeling refreshed and at a reasonable temperature. A variety of other clothing items are made of linen, including linen shirts, linen tank tops, and linen skirts.

Styles for your feet

Tennis shoes

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Shoes are another great way to stay comfortable day in and day out. Always opt for shoes with a cushioned sole, or buy some insoles on your own to create the effect of walking on air. If you walk a lot during the day and are a fairly active person, don’t be afraid to invest in some tennis shoes. Tennis shoes provide stability when you walk and will keep your ankles, legs, and back from getting sore. Look for sneakers with comfortable soles and a snug, but not overly tight, fit around the main portion of your foot. Unfortunately, your flip flops will not provide the support your feet need to function properly and carry you through your day. However, they can be a great slide-on option for when you need to run a quick errand. The great thing about flip flops is you don’t have to mess with tying your shoes, or (heaven forbid) putting on socks. That is why flip flops remain some of the most comfortable fashion styles for your feet. Make sure to toss on your tennis shoes for those longer treks and for your time at the gym!

All in all, there are countless comfortable fashion styles for the fashion minded person who wants to be at ease. Choosing breathable fabrics like linen and cotton can keep you cool in the summer. Sticking to layering items like leggings or long johns in the winter will keep you feeling cozy. Additionally, a new winter jacket can ensure your style and comfort all winter long. Make sure all your clothing choices are in the right size, and get around town comfortably in some fashionable tennis shoes with insoles or cushioned soles. Keeping in mind the fabric type, the weather, clothing size, without compromising the style ‘sense’ of it all, you will be parading with the most comfortable fashion styles ever thought of.

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