Why Do Celebrities Influence Fashion Trends?

Celebrities shape and influence fashion trends. Famous people have always shaped fashion trends throughout history and this is still true today. What is fashion? Fashion is just wearing what is considered popular or hip. Why are certain things considered hip or popular? It is usually because famous people or celebrities have been seen wearing these things. So, celebrities not only influence fashion. I would say that they create fashion too. Celebrities are often our inspiration for what to wear.

Big events that many celebrities come to and dress up for play a big role in determining fashion trends for that season. Any event, in which there is something called a “red carpet”, may be one of these important fashion forming events. One example of such an event is the Emmys. Another example is the Grammies. These are usually events at which some celebrities receive awards. Most celebrities arrive to these events with their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Usually, a celebrity will arrive in a limousine. After the celebrity and his or her boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife arrives, they get out of the limousine onto the red carpet. The red carpet is the place where celebrities and their significant others really show off their outfits. They pose for the many photographers who want to take their picture. Later, these photographs can be seen all over magazines, newspapers, the internet and television. Fashion critics and people on television, and also the general public spends a lot of time reviewing the outfits that celebrities wore on the red carpet. It is decided which outfits are “dos” and which are “don’ts”. The “dos” then go on to influence the fashion trends that are popular that year or that season.

Magazines play a huge role in allowing celebrities to influence the way that everyday people dress all the time, whether they are going to work, going to the club, or going to the park to walk their dog. Magazines are especially influential to teenage and pre-teen girls. There are many magazines that aim to attract this demographic, for example Seventeen Magazine, CosmoGirl, and many, many more.

Young girls are trying to figure out their place in the world. They are learning to come to terms with their newly found sexuality, and their role in society. They are looking for direction on how to act, how to dress; they are looking for role models. Directions and role models can be found in magazines. Teenage girls often look towards magazines to figure out how they should dress, in particular, how they should incorporate sexuality into their clothing, and to what extent. Therefore, the celebrities featured in magazine can be especially influential for young girls and young women. Celebrities should be aware of this fact, that how they dress can have a big influence on young girls and women. They should know that this admiration and fame comes with a responsibility to teach young women to love themselves and their bodies, and to respect themselves and other women. Celebrities should try and teach girls to dress in ways that are attractive, but does not make them look like a sexual object or a ‘slut’.

Television, in addition to magazines, plays a really big role in the way that celebrities can influence fashion trends. The average American spends several hours a day watching television. It is obvious that if people spend this much time watching, it will start to affect how they think and what they do. Sometimes, the effect can actually be subconscious.

Me, Myself and I (Beyoncé Knowles song)

Me, Myself and I (Beyoncé Knowles song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The way the characters in movies and television shows are dressed can influence fashion trends. The way people are dressed in music videos can also influence fashion trends. In addition, there are many shows devoted to the subject of fashion. There are shows in which celebrities’ clothing are critiqued. These types of shows can be highly effective in helping celebrities influence fashion choices made by the general public.

Of course, there are also commercials. Some commercials feature clothing or other fashion accessories, and sometimes, these commercials also feature celebrities promoting certain fashion trends.

One particular celebrity that has been very influential in the world of fashion recently has been Kanye West. Kanye is a very famous rapper, writer and, most of all, producer. He also has his own clothing line. Kanye pioneered a lot of fashion trends that have been embraced by the ‘hipster’ subculture. For example, Kanye was the first to begin wearing the brightly-colored plastic glasses that have no lenses but instead have plastic “blinds”. Kanye also brought popularity to mixing formal wear with casual clothing. One example of this is for a man to wear a suit coat with a casual shirt underneath.

Let’s talk about a celebrity who influenced fashion long before Kanye West came around. The celebrity I want to talk about is Marilyn Monroe. Everyone can recall, in their mind, the image of Marilyn Monroe wearing her white dress with a puffy skirt and standing over the heat vent with air blowing up her skirt from underneath. This image has influenced fashion choices of generation after generation. All girls want to be just like Marilyn Monroe. You can find white dresses like that in many stores all over the country today, and that is almost one hundred years after Marilyn Monroe made that look popular. Also, Marilyn Monroe made the birth mark over the lip fashionable. Women today will still occasionally place a fake birth mark above their lip with make-up and call it a ‘monroe’. Also, some women get their upper lip pierced and call it ‘a monroe’, after the famous celebrity whose influence on fashion is still alive today, many years after her death.

Of course, Marilyn and Kanye are only two of the many celebrities who have influenced fashion. All celebrities influence fashion in their own unique way, for better or worse!

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